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On the whole the program for our London trip was (even though it was exhausting) well considered because everything that is important or could be for a student was included. We really experienced how stressful and sometimes complicated it can be when you live in a big city, for example when the Piccadilly Line was not in service and we lost 25 mins to get to our destination due to this.
All our activities were appealing to me because I’m the kind of person who has to be in motion and this was really included in almost every activity but even I was relieved when I could sit down somewhere.
Thanks to the really great organisation it was possible for us to get everywhere we had planned to go. Otherwise it would have been much more complicated- just think about the underground stations which were not easy to find at all.
During our trip we stayed in a youth hostel near the underground station Elephant and Castle which was rather convenient.
The rooms were not as I had expected them to be because they were clean and it was the first time I could sleep in another bed apart from mine without waking up every hour.
What could have been better was the breakfast because it was rather simple and did not include typical British dishes, which would have been important for me .
All in all, I really enjoyed the program, especially Speaker’s Corner where you could see how British people communicate with each other and it was rather enjoyable when someone disagreed with the “speaker” and suddenly everyone wanted to express their opinion, too. I was impressed by HMS Belfast as well and it is hard to imagine for me how the sailors could live in such a narrow place. What also appealed to me was the Street Art tour and other important sights (Big Ben ergo Elisabeth Tower, Tower of London,).
Another highlight for me was Camden market where you could find food from around the world and the musical STOMP as it was rather surprising.
The general atmosphere was relaxed and everyone got on well with each other.
To my mind, teachers and students were “working” well together.
One benefit of the trip was that I had to overcome my fear of talking to complete strangers and furthermore I feel more confident when I speak English and it does not feel awkward anymore. Overall the trip was a great success  (Tamara Peball)

„A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else! “
This London trip was absolutely amazing. Everything was perfectly organised, we never had to run and we were always on time. We visited everything we could visit. London is a nice city with great people and stunning sights. Our accommodation was nice, clean and very central. Because of the great transport network, it took us at the most 5 minutes to get where we wanted to be. London is a great place to learn something about other cultures and habits. The people there were very nice and polite. Camden Lock Market is such a nice market! There is so much food you can hardly imagine. We could move on from one stall to the next to try as much food as possible. The musicals “The Lion King” and “Stomp” were absolutely stunning, amazing and wonderful.
There couldn’t have been a better atmosphere among the group and this helped to make this trip even better. There have been many conversations between students and teachers.
I would definitely recommend to visit this city. A trip to London is a great way to improve your English. You can learn a lot about this city and the people who live there.
An even better way to get to know the people is to just walk through Speaker’s Corner and listen to some of these very funny and weird conversations of some of the crazy people walking around there.
One of my personal highlights was the Street Art Tour. We walked through amazing alleys and saw thousands of graffiti. We also learned a lot about the artists and we could recognise them on some of their artworks.
Everything in London was so nice that it would be a pity if you missed the chance to visit this fantastic city. (Clemens Huber)

I can really recommend such a school trip because you improve your language skills and you can get away from the stress at school. Also the time was well chosen because you didn’t really miss anything important at school! All in all, it was a great experience and I really liked the city! (Jasmin Elsbacher)
The guides we had all did a really good job in telling us about the places we went to. I enjoyed how much time we got to explore the city on our own, even though I usually stayed in the areas where we would meet again. (Christiane Possenig)
I think students can profit from this sort of trip because they get to talk in and listen to another language when they communicate with the locals. They also learn that not all English is Textbook English. On this trip I also learned that I really enjoy travelling by plane.(Christiane Possenig)

I had never been to London before, so for me it was a great experience. To hear British English in real life and not only on the radio or TV was also very cool. I think the guides spoke very clearly and in a comprehensible way, so it was easy to understand all the words. (Theresa Prast)
My personal highlight of the trip was the surprisingly friendly and positive atmosphere in Speaker’s Corner. Crazy people on ladders and some on chairs. A fanatic Cristian priest with the best line of the trip: “Shut up, I am preaching!” While one guy was quite hilarious, others had something important and positive to say. I listened to a man who talked about the none-existing freedom of speech and others about racial issues. I like to discuss and hear different opinions, therefore Speaker’s Corner was my best experience of our trip.
(Gabriel Lukasser)
I had a great time and a lot of fun, mainly because the atmosphere among us was great and the organisation was also very good throughout the trip. If I had the chance to go again, I would do it! (Fabian Thalhammer)
All in all, our London trip was really cool and I think it was definitely my highlight in Borg. I have gained so many new impressions and I think I will go to London again! (Katja Brugger)
I have never seen such a great musical as “STOMP”. First I thought it would be boring but then I was fascinated. Also “THE LION KING” was an incredible musical. The atmosphere there was impressive and the actors’ performances were admirable. (Melanie Draschl)
The trip to London was great. It was my first flight and I was really scared of it. But in the end I liked it because it was a bit like a roller coaster ride and that was cool. We did our first city tour with a very nice and entertaining guide and so we got a good overview of the city on the first day.  I really liked it that we had so much free time, so we could walk through London alone, go shopping and also go to other places with the underground. (Valentina Trojer)
Concerning the program that included many interesting sights of London, of which there are too many to see in only six days, I couldn’t have asked for more. We went to see the common tourist attractions, like the Tower of London or the London Eye, as well as some things that showed a different side of London, such as the Street Art Tour. There was also more than enough free time to explore London ourselves. (Johanna Stöffler)
I loved the two musicals. They were amazing and the weather was also fantastic till Tuesday, when it started to rain and it didn’t stop. Speaker’s Corner was also one of my highlights and I liked to listen to the different arguments of the people. (Vivienne Morgenstern)
One of my favourite places was Camden Market. There were so many food stalls and every stall presented different kinds of food. There you could try various dishes from other nationalities. At Camden Market I also bought the best burger I had ever eaten. (Maja Stanic)
My favourite musical was Lion King. I am a very devoted Disney fan so I was so delighted when I heard that we would go to see this musical. The performance was amazing and it was definitely the best musical I have ever been to! I would highly recommend it. (Maja Stanic)
The hostel was quite nice. The rooms were clean and modern. The whole hostel was nicely equipped and the breakfast was really good. I liked the toaster because the bread was so much better when it was toasted. (Pia Zlöbl)
This was the best school trip ever because everything was so well organised and we had a lot of free time and the teachers always trusted us. It was really nice to be with friends and explore the city of London and to see a lot of different people from different countries. I liked the musicians on the streets because so many of them were really talented. (Pia Zlöbl)
My personal highlight was the free time we got at Oxford Street. I found a Vinyl Store and bought myself some new LPs. I also went to the Supreme store, which was a new experience as I had to stand in a queue for 20 minutes just to get inside a fashion store. After that we sat in Hyde Park laughing about the people of Speaker’s Corner. I would love to go to London with my class again and also will visit London with friends of mine to explore this big city with our skateboards. (Moritz Neumayr)
All in all,l the program was very exciting but I was exhausted every day. About the organisation I have to say that our teacher planned the trip very well. We were always on time and never missed anything. Concerning the accommodation, I had never had such a beautiful hostel on a school trip before and the room was cool as well. I can´t complain about the breakfast either because it was very good. I just wanted to say thank you for this class trip. I really enjoyed it and I have to say these were the best six days of this year. (Lorena Pisana)
I loved Speaker´s Corner most because there were so many crazy people and you can talk to and discuss issues with everyone. One man talked about his cats, another one screamed  “Jesus is alive” all the time and he also had an interesting outfit, a hat with a cross, a shirt with another cross and trousers with the slogan “Jesus is alive”. When someone disagreed with him, he blew his whistle. (Lena Reichhold)